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My Path Of Change In 7 Lessons

There are many lessons I have learned over the last 5 years and which I want to tell to you because I want to shorten your pain on your new path of change that I know you want so much!
Now you’ll find out only 7. Soon, there will be more.

In 5 years, you can learn a lot from books or from other people, but the best and most valuable are the lessons that you experience on your own, and then you analyze and try to save them on a special life USB.
I love life – its variability and magic: how only with one small decision it can be changed dramaticly – become hopeless and dark in one moment and in the other full of light and abbundance of every kind. And always depends on you!

The first and the most important lesson I learned is: If you do not believe in yourself, you will not do anything long-term good for you. Faith is like a material force.It push you literally and supports you whenever you need it. Find a way to get it. This effort will become your blessing!

Second Lesson: You need to read a lot of good literature that will broaden your mind so strongly that you will want more and more … You will become a real addict. How you feed your brain? Make sure it’s good food, not junk food from the Internet. Search recommendations often.

Third Lesson: When you make a decision to change your life path and understand the path you want to go, make only ONE small step towards it.The other steps become easy, because then you begin to attract people and situations that help you on that journey. Then magic begins! What is important for you now is to DARE and really WANT to change the life you have so far.

Fifth lesson: The body affects how you feel. And that’s a lot! You become aware of this when you start taking care of him. It shows you gratitude for everything by giving you a clear mind, a strong soul, and a lot of energy for what you want to achieve. It becomes your main support and strength in the most difficult moments.

Sixth lesson: People feel when you think of them, you do not have to say a word to them.

The seventh lesson: Sometimes leaving close friends and family is your best decision ever! As you grow and progress, you want more and better (that’s normal). If people next to you do not do the same, they can become your biggest weight that keeps you from flying!
And they do not have bad intentions. They just act from their point of view and think they give you best advice ever to protect you from the “inevitable cruelty of life”. Do not get used to it. And put a “backpack on your back”, bring your faith, your will, your favorite book and go to the world, where you really belong.

Well, maybe they also come after you, who knows?!

Share this with those friends who like to read and like changes!
Your Alexandra, WBA

p.s. This is the picture of myself at breakfast at a restaurant in the middle of the Death Valley, in California, United States.

p.p.s. I would be glad to leave a comment if one of the mentioned lessons has led you to take action

March 21, 2019

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