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I Am Sure You Have Heard...

people repeatedly asking: “When will I finally feel good in my skin?”, “When will I finally find a job?”, “When will these problems with my partner be resolved?”, “When will I do I finally have enough money, so I do not have to squeeze around every euro? “… 

You probably have yourself in similar situation, and you did not know how to solve the challenge or situation that they faced before you and who are repeating, right? 

My name is Alexandra, and I’m very happy that you are right here with me. 

Before I explain to you what the Biofield Cleansing is, there are several things that I want you to know about me and why I believe that the information I will share with you will be good for anyone who uses them. Now I will share with you my story that I have come to this powerful method, which has changed my life forever and my way of thinking, my “mind set.”

Although I am now a successful therapist, author, blogger and entrepreneur, I have not always been like that.

It was a couple of years ago.

I lived lonely. I felt that I had no energy.

I did not know where to go, even where I want to go!

I could not imagine myself becoming someone who successfully help people change their lives, or, at least, makes them feel better. Helping people discover their devastating beliefs and go on the road to getting to know their fascinating personalities is something magical and really great for me.

Imagine now a woman who, on the other hand, seems to have everything: a great job, earning great, having a happy love relationship, good friends, a rich social life, good health … And you think that such woman must be happy, right?

That was not true. Inside, I felt disconected and unfulfilled.That woman, with such a feeling, it was me. And it was not so long ago.


I went to lunch with my friend, professional personal development trainer and consultant, and at the same time a President of the Board of a big company, who has a lot of experience in working with people. I called him because of his unusual ability to perceive these situations and the ability to see the causes of any situation… He can easily get a BIG PICTURE, wich is great talent, you have to admit. I explained to him that I was tired of fighting, from doing so much and so hard, but without seeing a significant result.

I wanted to love myself more and I needed the answer to the question: HOW?

He said: Sandra, there is something important that YOU DO NOT DO! You always believed that you were not good enough and that self-confidence must be “earned”. That’s why you feel good about yourself only when you earn others respect and confirm that you are good. There is a great method, called the Biofield Cleansing, which can help both you and the others to cope with the problems of life, that are the result of their way of thinking, their beliefs, fears, learned “programs” in childhood, or childhood trauma … All this can be changed! All this can be “get from the subconscious,” can be changed and brought back to your subconscious mind, with a different “program”.

And here is the key part, the part that I really felt as if he looked at my soul, said: “The truth is … you were fighting hard in your life. You work so hard to please the OTHER people, and you can see what you got from it. The problem is that you do not have the confidence in yourself. In other words, you appear to be “successful” to other people, but even though it is successful on the outside, you do not love yourself enough.”

And then everything clicked in my mind!

I felt like I was talking to my “thoughts reader”. He found the cause with laser precision that was hidden in my subconscious and “ruined” my life, and told me how to easily get rid of it!

He explained what I missed, why I missed it, and, most importantly, he told me what to do exactly so that everything would start to work for my benefit, just as I wanted.

And then I got the answer to my dilemmas and the solution to the problems that I was facing at the moment. All the time it was in front of my nose! I was thrilled and enthusiastic, because I found the “key” to finally feel good in my skin!

All things that are metaphysical, invisible, have had always attracted me. Since the Biofield Cleansing method have helped me, I decided to enroll to the Karma Diagnostics School in Slovenia. I learned how to enter someone’s biofield, how to help people who need help. After I saw that I can with ease discover the causes of people’s conditions and various blockages, with whom we worked during schooling, as well as in the people around me, I decided to do this as my profession.


It's no coincidence that you are reading this exactly right now.

I believe that nothing in life is a coincidence.

I know you are on this page for a reason!

Here is the difference between our method and the “traditional” method of self-help. Traditional self-help methods have limited results because they focus exclusively on the consequences, and that’s just part of the puzzle. You need to “manipulate” your mind and direct your “inner leader” to maximally help you to get rid of what is hindering you from taking advantage of all your potentials and achieving your goals.


What is Biofield Cleansing?

The therapist of Biofield Cleansing at the therapy session is working on finding and removing the energy blockade, which is the cause of the problem or illness. So Biofield Cleansing is the best method for diagnosing the cause of the problem. The problem first manifests itself at the subtle, energy level, and then on the physical, which can lead to serious diseases. It’s best when the cause is found and cleared in time!

During the treatment, the therapist and the client are connected at all levels and for the optimal result it is necessary to work very well, that is, the client and the therapist are fully dedicated to the process. Depending on their mutual trust, that is, the client’s license depends on whether the therapist will be allowed to enter the client’s biofield, in order to discover the cause of the problem.

During the Biofield Cleansing session, therapist is working on finding and eliminating energy block that is the source of the problem or sickness. Disbalans first appears on subtle energetic level, and then on physical one.

For the time of the therapy, therapist and the client are connected on all levels and for the optimal result it is necessary for them to cooperate well. This means that both parties are absolutely focused on the process. From their mutual trust, and on the approval from the client depends will the therapist have an access to enter clients biofield in order to identify the source of the problem.

On individual treatments of Biofield Cleansing, therapist identifies the source of the problem by examining the biofield of the client. Source of the problem that bothers you, regardless if it is disease, inability to progress or bad relationships (with partner, colleagues, relatives, etc.), problem first has to be identified and then resolved by the process of transformation.

Biofield Cleansing has a holistic approach to healing, which means that it heals the whole body and not just the individual organ that has a problem. Having in mind the unity of spirit, soul and the body, it is necessary to holistically approach to healing the ones destiny, his psyche (behaviour and character) and his body. In all this the most important is relationship of the person towards its environment. Without the positive attitude there will be no positive thoughts, bad feeling arises, and it leads to negative behavior that endangers our biofield and leads to distraction of humans mind, spirit, and body. Negative thoughts and actions are not bad just for the individual but also for his posterity.

Sessions are usually individual. Therapist and the client are the only present on the session.

First session lasts little longer than others, up to 90 minutes, while all the others, if necessary, last for up to 60 minutes.

Pros and cons of the Biofield Cleansing treatment are the fact that it is about the identification to the source of the problem that manifests itself as  human condition (depression, anxiety,) as disorders of various kinds (bad communication with partner, children, relatives, boss, employees, OSD…) or even as a disease (from cold and flu, pain in the spine to the most serious diseases).

When we identify the source (energy blockade) client decides whether he wants to resolve this source. Why are we saying this? Very often clients comes to resolve the consequence, and are not interested in resolving the source of the problem because that means leaving their comfort zone, big and thorough changes in their lives, and very often client is not ready for this changes.

The best thing client can do for himself is to come to the treatment on time. But what she/he should not do is to take antidepressants pills before the session.

We completely understand your caution and curiosity. The fact that this topic is new for you is great, because you probably do not have anyone from your surrounding who was on the treatment so you do not have any (surreal) expectations.

Come with the faith that you can change whatever you want. It is enough, and necessary, to be open while working with therapist.

One thing is certain – you come to the therapist that has many years of experience in therapeutic work with people, and many satisfied clients behind them.

In case when client consumed antidepressants or tranquilizers within 24 hours from the treatment, therapy is not to be executed.

On Biofield Cleansing therapeutic sessions client is fully awake during entire process, without physical contact with therapist. In case of some other therapy (reiki, NLP), there can be physical contact with client, but with prior approval of client.

There are no classical diagnosis settings, but entering to clients biofield we identify energy blockades. Of course, in order to focus on acute source, we discuss with the client what is it that bothers him the most.

This method has no contraindications and is not in collision with any other treatments.

Moreover, our therapists very often combine more methods and techniques in order to gain optimal result and for the client to be satisfied.

As stated before, expectations are enemy of experience. But, this being very often question and being normal for people to have certain expectations in sense of money – result ratio, we will give our own vision of what can be expected from therapy and us as therapists.

If you look at the experiences of our clients then you should conclude: Expect unexpected! This does not mean that you should expect impossible, but that the source of your energeticblockade is usually found in unexpected places. The thing that you can expect from us as therapists is absolute dedication to individual client and absolute discretion.

As a result of Biofield Cleansing therapeutic session, you can expect changes up to the level of changes you are ready to endure, or how ready you are to change. Each state you are in, each behaviour, is given to you as an experience in life, and is useful for some reason. If you have firmly decided to make a change, change can be almost instant.

What we want to stress here is that during the session various energetic blockades are resolved. It can happen that the reaction of environment after the treatment is unusual, as a consequence of change on the client side. When different energetic suspensions are released of certain persons, situations, events, it can happen that the persons who tied you get sick, or even end up in a hospital because you do not supply them with energy any more.

It is rare but possible that client himself feels bad, in cases when he or she was supplied by another person’s energy (partner, child, parent)

After the treatment, there is nothing that is forbidden and client can normally go back to regular activities with no limitations.

What Our Clients Say

Instead of having us talk about ourselves, why don’t we see what our clients have to say.

I was sceptic before my first session, but after only 2 sessions I managed to overcome my learning problem I had for years. Thank you Well Being Academy!
Dragana M.
Belgrade, Serbia
I was stucked with money problems for years. For me, money was an enigma. I solved a "money puzzle" in only one session. Thank you Sandra!
Matt Robbinson
Santa Monica, LA, California
My dear friends. I am so glad I found you. My soul was looking for you for years. I finaly found my soulmate. Thank you for helping me!
Jana Petrovic
Wien, Austria



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