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How many times have you heard lately: 

“I don’t have time”, “I feel totally stuck with my responsibilities and have no energy”, “I am completely unorganized and therefore can’t manage to do all I need”, “I want to change my diet and finally start going to the gym, but I don’t have time”, “ I feel life is passing by me…”, “I would like to change a job, but I do not know what is it that I want to do!”.


I Am Sure You Have Heard...

people repeatedly sayingg: “Once when I would become…?”, “I need one to have money, in order to start my business…”, “I have to solve the issues first, and than I will…”, “When I learn this skill, I will”… 

You probably have yourself in similar situation, and you did not know how to solve the challenge or situation that they faced before you and who are repeating, right? 

My name is Boris ILIC, and I’m very happy that you are here with me. I don’t believe in coincidences. So, you are here with the purpose.

Although I am succesfull businessman, entrepreneur, mentor and coach, it was not like that always.

For Those Who Feel Overworked, Underpaid, And Underappreciated…

How To Leverage Your Skills,
So You Can Earn As Much As you Want

Your future is in your mind!  In this very moment!

Seeing you flourish, becoming the best version of yourself, having a greater understanding and appreciation of what your true strengths are, is our mission. We aim to help you build the foundation necessary to excel and live a well-balanced life, filled with health and wealth.

Our motto, ‘You Can Do It, It’s All In You Mind’, is not just a saying, it is a way of life. We believe it is the key to success, knowledge, health, wellness and inner peace. It aspires us to motivate and inspire individuals to follow their dreams and stay true to who they are. May it be, short-term, long-term, personal, professional, home, school or work related; as your coach or mentor, we endeavour to support you, and give you the necessary skills to attain your goals and the ability to take on the challenges life presents you with confidently.

You are on this page, because you are thinking of developing your income skill, or you are thinking of improving some part of your life. Or maybe you have questions about Master Your Change™ program.

You see, the thing is this – I don’t know what you are looking for, I don’t know what is your background. Maybe you are working, and have a job right now, or you are working at 2 jobs. Or you are looking at alternative. Maybe a different career. Maybe you are running your business right now, and you are looking for ways to get more customers, more clients, and increase your revenue.

Or maybe you are an millenial, you are going to school, and you are thinking about – what’s my future like? What should I do, and where I should go? And if I get diploma, a degree, is that enough? Is that enough for I would like to accomplish?

Or maybe you are working at a corporate job. You’ve been doing it for a loooong time. You are burn out, you are exchausted, and you are looking for a side hustle. Maybe you consider even to start a new business. But you are a little bit affraid. You are hasitant.

See, I don’t know what you are looking for, but ONE THING I know for sure!


More income, more money, more time off more freedom and more fullfillment and more happiness.

So, instead of me just talking about my coaching or mentorship program, why don’t you click on a link below and book your call? Selects individual call „Say Yes to Success“ and make appointment whenever is conviniant for you.

And when you book a call you will not talk to some sales guy that is chasing commision. Not at all. When you book a call today, you will be talking to one of my top successful students, one of my graduates from  „Master of Change“ program, a person that has gone through program, person that walked the path. You can ask them about their experience, what is it like to join our Master of Change family.

And you see – this program is not for everyone. I believe it is for people who are SERIOUS, people who actually want to devlop their high income skills, people that want to change their lives for better, to unlock their financial confidence.

And it takes work. It takes dedication. It takes FOCUS.

See, one of mistakes I have made a few years ago is – when we open up the program for everybody, than we were inviting some bad apples, people that were not a good fit for our community, for my teaching for my mentoship, or my coaching.

So, what we are doing now – for every single person who wants to join „Master of Change“ program, they have to go through an application process, which means they have to go through call with some of my students, just to make sure that this is the right program for you, and not to waste your time and money if it is not. Actually to see if you are able to dedicate the time.

If I am not sure that you are likely to succedee with my program, I am not going to ask you to join. In fact, you won’t be accepted.

Nowdays we actually turn down more people than we accept.

So, click a button below and book a call.

And by the end of a call, you will have all your questions answered and you say THIS IS EXACTLY what I have been looking for, or you can say – Well I think this is not for me, or this is not a right time, and that’s perfectly fine as well.

So, go ahead, book a call today!

I believe that nothing in life is a coincidence.

I know you are on this page for a reason!

Here is the difference between our method and the “traditional” method of self-help. Traditional self-help methods have limited results because they focus exclusively on the consequences, and that’s just part of the puzzle. You need to “manipulate” your mind and direct your “inner leader” to maximally help you to get rid of what is hindering you from taking advantage of all your potentials and achieving your goals.

During process of your personal growth I will challenge you to become the best version of yourself, while guiding and nurturing you through the process of authentic self-discovery.



How To Achieve Whatever You Want?

Generally speaking, when someone is thinking about being the best version of itself, he/she is not in the dark or completely at a loss as to what I need to do to be that person and to live that life.

­­­This holds true as a leader, a parent, an individual, a business owner, etc. In short, I’m not lacking knowledge. I believe this holds true for many of us. Skeptical? Answer these questions:

  ⇒ What is one thing you can do to be a more effective leader? Employee? Parent? Partner?

  ⇒ Regarding your health and wellness, what is one thing you can do today to begin to live a healthier life style?

  ⇒ What are 5-10 things you know, if incorporated into your life, would reduce your stress level?

We know how to be a more effective leader. We know how to be a better parent. We know how to eat better and exercise more often. We know the tips to reduce stress. We own the books. We’ve watched the shows. We’ve talked to others. We’ve subscribed to some magazine and attended the workshops. We just know.

So, if we have the knowledge, why don’t we use it?  Well, knowledge is not what motivates change in human behavior – instead, we see real change when we have some pain, some issue we want to solve, we act when emotions are involved, not our rational ME, but our subsconscious mind and our emotions. There are at least 3 critical elements that will make us to change:

  ⇒  Faith – Belief in your ability to learn, grow, and adapt. You believe you can achieve the life you desire.

  ⇒  Fire – Passion, energy, commitment. You are excited about the work you are doing and the life you are building.

  ⇒  Focus – Attention and concentration. You are setting goals and creating achievable action steps – big or small.  You are paying attention to these goals rather than getting lost in the daily grind and inner voices. 

Focus, determinais and persistance are the key factors that ignites our fire and engages our faith. If our goal is to eat well, and we do this for a month but then fall off the healthy habits – it’s not that we’ve lost our knowledge, we’ve lost our focus. When we decide to really reduce our spending to ensure that we reach our goal of purchasing a home and we do really well for 3 weeks but then blow a large chunk of unplanned change on a new car  – it’s not that we don’t know how to stick to a spending plan, it’s that we’ve lost our focus.

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

So how do we engage our best selves? How do we engage the best in our employees, our children, our students, and even our customers?

So, go ahead, book a call today!

Master Communication

You will learn how to communicate better.

One-on-one Sessions

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Awakened Listening

You will learn how to listen to your body, to your needs

Exploratory Sessions

You will solve existing issues and explore & reach your goals.



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Master Your Change™ Program

Whatever your previous experience is, your faith or background, our doors are open to you, both literally and virtually. You can also use our website to find out more about our work, what we have going on and details of people and organisations to contact if you need help or support with anything. 

If you were aspiring to become one of the best athletes in the world, hiring a good coach would definitely increase your likelihood of success. Similarly, if your goal was to improve in other aspects of life, could a life coach be a beneficial solution?

You will be guided through a journey of empowerment. Our trainer helps you to clearly visualize your goals for improvement, and aid in developing concrete action plans to accomplish them. These plans are tailored according to your personality, vision, and aims. Be asured that you have all the tools necessary to succeed.

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